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How and from what are hemp foods made?

How and from what are hemp foods made?

Food made from hemp - hemp tea, hemp seed, hemp seed oil, hemp protein and other hemp products are extracted from the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa) of the permitted hemp varieties.
Most frequently the following varieties are planted: Futura (France), Use (Russia), Finola (Finland).
The cultivation of hemp is environmentally friendly and organic by nature. The plants are not sensitive and do not suffer from diseases and pests.
Hemp foods are 100% natural. Hemp seeds are peeled, cold pressed for hempseed oil, protein is extracted from the hemp seeds cold. Hanftee, these are the young hemp leaves and flowers of the hemp plant.

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Are hemp foods legal?

Hemp foods are 100% legal, as are all varieties of permitted hemp. Hemp seed, hempseed oil and hemp protein are THC free. Traces of THC can be found in hemp tea - up to 0,2%.

This is the limit allowed - according to European legislature. Hemp foods can be taken abroad without restrictions and also be sent abroad - there are no limits.


After taking CBD products, you can drive a car. Since the products are not psychoactive, you do not need to be afraid. Even pregnant or nursing women can take the hemp products.

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Where are the used hemp plants grown?

Hemp seeds and hemp protein (both in BIO quality) come from Romanian organic agriculture. Hemp for our tea we grow with love ourselves. The plants are hand picked. BIO agriculture is located near Sedlčany - Czech Republic.

BIO hemp seed oil comes from Canada. Canada, together with China, is the world's largest producer of hemp. In these countries you can find many farms that are focused on hemp processing. The biggest advantage of hemp is that you can process the entire plant (for food, cosmetics, textiles, in the construction industry, ...).

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Hemp protein - how, when, how much, why ...?

Hemp protein - the W questions: HOW, WHEN, HOW MUCH, WHEN ...?

Hemp protein How When Effect

Here are the most common 10 questions about hemp protein and the answers of course. They learn what hemp protein is all about, how it is made, what ingredients the protein has and how it works in comparison to the other protein varieties. You will also learn for whom the hemp protein is particularly well suited, how and when to use it ... Every day you will find here two questions with the answer.

You are welcome to send your questions to eva@hanf-gesundheit.de!


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Hemp and marijuana - what's the difference?

"Marijuana" is the Mexican term for hemp with a high THC content. For the production of hemp food only the permitted varieties of industrial hemp are used - hemp seeds and hemp leaves. These are THC free.

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How do the hemp foods help us?

Hemp foods contain many essential substances that our bodies can not produce themselves. These substances are vital to us and need to be ingested with food. Hemp food supplies your body with energy, vitamins and minerals.

One of the healthiest sources of vital substances is hemp seed oil and hemp seed.

Hemp protein is easily digestible, has a nutty flavor, contains 50% protein! It is gluten and lactose free. What a wonder plant!
Thanks to the high content of high-quality protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids, hemp foods are very suitable for all who exercise and also for vegans and vegetarians.

Cannabinoids found in hemp tea stimulate the endocannabinoid system responsible for many of the basic life processes. Drinking hemp tea helps to relax the nervous system and also strengthens the immune system.

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Health effect

CBD hemp oil vs CBD hemp oil crystal

The difference between "normal" CBD hemp oil and crystalline CBD hemp oil is in the Content of cannabinoids.

CBD hemp oil crystal contains only pure CBD extract, CBD hemp oil (normal) also contains other cannabinoids in trace amounts (THC in permitted norm 0,2%).

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Cannabis Seeds - why are they so healthy?

Hemp is one of the oldest crops at all.

The seeds of the hemp plant are not only very tasty in taste, but also contain countless healthy ingredients.

Hemp seeds are among the healthiest and most valuable foods for the human body. Hemp protein contains all eight essential amino acids and is therefore of very high quality.

Main ingredient is the globulin edestin, which is easier to digest than soy protein. The ingredients promote brain activity, stimulate the development and regeneration of organs, help lower cholesterol levels, have anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects, and support the immune system of the entire human body

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Hemp tea - what effects can I expect?

Hemp tea has a positive effect on the nervous system. He has a calming and relaxing effect. Helps with sleep disorders, migraines and promotes digestion.

Such beneficial effects have also been reported in reducing blood pressure and regulating blood sugar levels as well as lowering cholesterol levels. Hemp tea has a variety of beneficial effects on our body.

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Hemp seed oil - we are its effects?

Hemp seed oil, also called green gold known, is pressed from the hemp seeds cold and gently and is called the best of all edible oils. It contains the essential - ie vital - fatty acids that our body can not produce alone.

Hemp seed oil helps detoxification, strengthens the immune system and lowers the cholesterol level, Due to its regenerating, nourishing and anti-inflammatory properties, the hemp seed oil is also well suited for the skin care of sensitive skin.

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Hemp protein and its effects on our body

In nature, hemp protein is unique because it contains all the amino acids (found in nature). Also the 8 essential, which our body can not produce alone.

In addition, all unsaturated fatty acids are present in the hemp protein in the ideal ratio. Hemp protein is extracted from the cannabis seeds. The nutrients are highly valued by athletes, vegans and people in the healing process.

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Which payment and delivery options are there?

For a better orientation here is a short overview:

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Last name possible in HU (1,90 EUR), DE, AT (6,90 EUR).

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Wholesaler - Cooperation - Prices?

If you want to work with us as a wholesaler, you must first register and create a wholesale account. Please contact Eva Kellerova (eva@hanf-gesundheit.de, + 49 157 54118908), it helps you with the registration and with all further questions.

After logging in you will immediately see the goods in the e-shop with wholesale prices.
Minimum order value in wholesale is 150 EUR.

New customers are only supplied with prepayment or payment by card.
Is the goods in stock? Then we will send your order the very next day.

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