Hemp has been cultivated since time immemorial and also used as food. Today, hemp products are increasingly being sought by people who value prevention, who prefer healthy lifestyle, including vegans and vegans, as a great complement to vital substances. Hemp is the way back to nature and life without Kunstsoffe.

What to say about hemp food:

"One year ago, I set myself, on Marathon participate. The first time I ran in Stockholm this year in June. I'm over the finish lineAfter 3 hours and 15 minutes I can only describe my feelings very hard - joy, pain, enthusiasm, cold ... and desire to master other ULTRA marathons. In the summer I participated in a 50 km run ... Hemp Gainer has been part of my preparation since I started running. I like to mix it with chia seeds. And my next goal? 100 km run!!"


Dear Team!

I'm excited! After only a few days of CBD oil, I notice a clear improvement in my general condition. I have more energy, chronic fatigue disappears, as well as rashes and chronic bowel inflammation. Also, I have the impression that my eyes are getting better, I can see clearly again. A really great product!

Brigitte Malt 110

"I am interested in natural remedies, eating healthy, doing a lot of sports ... but there were days when I could not fall asleep, and I have suffered from hormonal problems for ages CBD hemp oil heard ... I have to try - I thought so. Now I regularly take 3 drops before I go to sleep and do not wake up at night. Everyone says I look better and, above all, I do not have my hormonal problems anymore! After 3 months, I suddenly realized that I will be mom! Thank you thank you thank you."


Nice after a week My husband has noticed an improvement in physical and mental stress. Hemp protein has also helped him with stomach problems, unlike other (artificial) proteins this tastes very delicious. Hemp protein is the first choice for me - because of its fast effect and also because it is made from only 4 natural ingredients. So no chemistry, no GMO, dyes, ... I give hemp protein 5 *. Of course, delicious and effective. Not just for sports fans and the price is great too!

200x200xaneta Hvezdova O Konopnem Proteinu

Hanftee gave me my granddaughter for Christmas. Since I drink a cup of tea every day before going to bed. Since then I can sleep better. The pain of my operated knees is relieved and I was able to to skip my regular dose of ibuprofen, My stomach ache improved too! I recommend it to everyone.

200x224xmarie O Konopnem Caji

Sport, that is my lifestyle, my relaxation and also my joy. Every day I mix hemp protein with half a banana and rice or oat milk. I notice that I give my body more energy and important nutrients while not burdening the necessary (long) digestive process. The regeneration process does not take so long!

200x282xdalibor Uhlir O Konopnem Proteinu

Sometimes, when I come home from work in the evening and go to bed, I can not fall asleep. In this case, I reach for hemp tea, because by drinking a cup of tea I can sleep better and faster. Above all, I sleep deeper, calmer and my body regenerates better.


200x248xondrej O Konopnem Caji

After the regular drinking of hemp tea I stopped taking medication for menopause help. Hot flashes and nervousness have disappeared and I can sleep well again, Finally I stand
fresh and in a good mood! I feel relaxed and balanced.

200x245xdasa O Konopnem Caj

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