The Tears Of The Phoenix

The tears of the phoenix, or cannabis extract, is one natural medicinewhich is very effective in fighting cancer and other serious diseases. It's made from the dried flowers of the strongest cannabis strains and it's about a concentrated resin from the hemp flowerswhich is obtained by extraction.

The whole story takes a turn here. The basic substance for this medicine is in the whole world considered illegalTherefore, this medicine can not be distributed freely and cure the sick people.

Modern science has no serious evidence against the looseness of hemp and its harmful effects on the human body, so it is okay to ask at this point Who benefits from hemp prohibition?It goes without saying that the pharmaceutical and food industries would lose their influence after legalization and the profit in their budget would be much lower. Therefore, the drug "The Tears of the Phoenix" is called an illegal substance, although it can save many lives.


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The legend about Phoenix

Why is this medicine named after an old legend? It is because in the past it was believed that the tears of the phoenix of the seriously ill people helped to heal themselves. Phoenix was a magic birdwho became one Symbol of health, love and immortality for all older civilizations. This magical bird lives in clouds and it is hardly possible to catch a glimpse of it on Earth. He visits Earth every 500 years, always the same place where he burns and re-emerges from his ashes. That's why he is considered a sacred creature with healing abilities.
Man, in the figurative sense, is also capable of being a Pheonix and being a doctor himself to heal himself with a plant that has been at his disposal for millennia. Our ancestors knew Unfortunately, we are denied the right to health.

Phoenix Tears

The tears of the phoenix as a medicine

Hemp and the tears of the Phoenix have a broad spectral effect. In specialized shop with healthy food and nutritional supplements one can only Hemp oil from hemp seeds buy or in the better case too CBD oilwhich is also very effective on human body. Both oils, however, do not contain THC cannabinoid, which effectively cures cancer and other chronic diseases.

The tears of the Phoenix heal everything, from inflamed wounds to all types of cancer, because all contained cannabinoids bind directly to CB1 and CB2 receptorsthat have spread people throughout the body and in all organs thanks to the endocannabinoid system.

The oil of Rick Simpson

Canadian Rick Simpson figured out how a couple of years ago to heal oneself, After a severe head injury in 1997, Rick Simpson was in a non-conclusive situation where modern medicine could not help at all and Rick was always prescribed several drugs with numerous side effects.

Rick Simpson
That's why Rick started for relief to use the hemp extract for his health, When he finds out that his hemp extract (high THC content) can cure cancer and other diseases, he has tried to share this knowledge with as many people as possible. He also informed the authorities and the medical association in Canada about his successes. When his deal was publicly discussed, it was accused of distributing and selling marijuana. Since then, Rick has not returned to Canada.

How to make the tears of the phoenix.

You can also make this medicine at home. Here is a video in English:

The tears of the phoenix - Dosage

This high-quality extract can be used differently - it depends on the type of your illness. The tears of the phoenix can be eaten, used as a suppository, smoking in vaporizer or applied directly to the skin. This extract can also be mixed with other creams and ointments and used for beauty of the skin or for the skin with different problems.

Dosage: Always start with a smaller amount: 3 once a day take a small drop in the size of rice grain. Always double the dosage after 4 days until you take 1g of extract daily = 3 x 0,33g per day.

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