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Cannabis cultivation

Even plants, not just humans, can suffer from stress. Therefore, if you have decided to grow your own plants at home or in the garden, be aware of the following symptoms.

Plants and stress

The true nature of stress is simply one predetermined biological reaction on the ambient conditions. It helps combat these conditions, and if it does not become chronic, it's actually beneficial.

Plants, as well as humans, are often exposed to non-ideal conditions. Their response to stressful conditions is therefore highly developed. Unlike humans, plants can not run away from stress and are forced to stand in their soil and fight as hard as they can.

Plants already have their defense mechanisms developed against herbivores, fungi, drought, extreme heat and cold. All of these threats trigger unique hormonal responses, which in turn maximize the plant's ability to survive the stressful situation. Recognizing that your plant is stressed and determines the cause of stress in a timely manner gives you a chance to help the plant fight the stress and improve the situation.

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What causes stress for the cannabis plant?

Water stress is caused by a shortage or excess of water. In both cases it is noticeable by withering.

Nutrient stress is caused by a nutritional imbalance or a total lack of nutrients. The foliage of the plant will fade away or in the worst case will notice the stunted growth.

The pH of the root zone must be maintained accordingly. The pH requirements depend on the type of cultivation. Incorrect soil pH levels cause your plant to accumulate nutrients at an inefficient rate. The symptoms are the same as with nutrient load. Unlike pH, root health can be affected by temperature changes in the soil. If you grow the plant indoors, make sure that the soil stays at room temperature.

Irregular light cycles with growing cannabis plant indoors, cause reduced yield and may cause growth of hermaphroditic plants. Be sure to respect the 18 + hours of light in the vegetative phase and the 12 / 12 light cycle in bloom.

Pflanzengewebsschäden can be caused by environmental extremes such as hail or extreme wind or by the mistreatment of plants. In most cases, the damage is overgrown by the plant and is not a cause for concern.

Environmental extremes are always bad for any plant. As you grow in the house, be sure to maintain the proper humidity and airflow, as well as the temperature. If there is a sudden change in environmental conditions, the plant will respond by slowing its growth and ultimately reducing yields.


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