Hemp tea with marshmallow

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Hemp tea with marshmallow. Tasty mixture with intense aroma.
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Category: 15
  • The hemp oil and the hemp tea help me to get my years of migraines under control what no one else has done.

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  • Hello dear hemp team,

    I've been looking for products for years to sleep better or something against my depression due to my underactive thyroid.
    Similarly, I have an irritable bowel and constantly digestive problems.
    The hemp oil might help me get some of it under control.

    Lg Gloria

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  • Hemp in general has helped me a lot. I've had clinical depression since the age of 12, had social phobia for a long time, and had a generalized anxiety disorder about 3 years ago. This affects my everyday life very much, and has already ruined a lot. I meditate, do yoga and exercise almost daily, and got medication from the doctor for a long time, but never had the feeling of being taken seriously by doctors, or had to beg for years to get help at all.
    Then I spent a long time working on everything related to hemp and its effects and was immediately enthusiastic! I immediately ordered several kinds of tea and they taste great AND help me to calm down! (eg after having a panic attack, feeling extremely stressed or just falling asleep) Since then, I drink at least one large cup of CBD hemp tea every day and mix it with eg a loose peach tea. I noticed a general improvement after about a week and I do not want to give it up anymore. I'm calmer and shiver less often and think I can think a little bit more clearly. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to try the hemp oil, because I can not afford it, but I hope that my story will be read anyway and I may also have a chance to win! I would be very happy if I win, I only heard good things about CBD hemp oil!

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  • The hemp oil with CBD of hemp health helped me overcome a long-lasting infection. After two antibiotic treatments failed and a third was scheduled, I decided to supplement my body with CBD in addition to antibiotic treatment. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are well known, including the positive effect on the body in general.
    Of course, I can not prove that the CBD oil made all the difference in my recovery, but it was my feeling!
    It also helped support the negative effect of anti-biotics treatment. My digestion was not so severely attacked and the general discomfort was diminished.
    I have taken the oil in a classic way. A few drops on a teaspoon of sugar.
    That's how I got medicine as a child.
    And it tastes very delicious !!

    Thanks for the great products of Hanf Gesundheit.de
    Become a regular customer.

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Category: 15
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