Hemp tea with lemongrass

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Our hemp tea with lemongrass.
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The lemongrass hemp blend - The lemongrass gives hemp tea a pleasant fruity note and is especially recommended for people who want to soften the slightly bitter hemp taste that is naturally bitter.

The vitamin C rich lemongrass has an immune-boosting and mood-enhancing effect and helps with feverish diseases, It smells and tastes refreshing!



According to the SZPI decision - State Health and Food Control - Hanftees, sold by Zelena Země sro, were registered under the provisions of § 3d (1) b) Act No. 180 / 2016 Coll. On Food and Tobacco Products, as well as on Amendment and Supplementing some related laws in the version of MZE - Ministry of Agriculture as a safe dietary supplement, which is regulated by Regulation No 58 / 2018 Coll. - "Regulation or dietary supplement and composition of food" has been regulated. The content of THC - tetrahydrocannabinol and the oil dosage shall be forwarded to EFSA - the European Food Safety Authority 2015 - and in particular to the Acute Reference Dose (ARfD) in order to comply with the limit values ​​recommended by the EU. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is the European Union's authority responsible for assessing risks in the areas of food and feed safety, nutrition, animal health and welfare, plant health and plant health. EFSA based on documentation on THC content in food in Europe according to EIHA - European Industrial Hemp Association see document: Scientifically Sound Guidelines for THC at Food in Europe nova institutes July 2015 From the administration, measures and decisions of the SZPI, followed by EFSA 2015, hemp tea from Zelená Země sr is a declared dietary supplement that meets all legal obligations of the EU. The products are made from certified varieties of technical hemp and regularly tested for cannabinoids by independent, certified laboratories.

THC - Tetrahydrocannabinol content is below the detection limit in hempese, ie 0,0% THC.

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Category: 15
Category: 15
  • The hemp oil and the hemp tea help me to get my years of migraines under control what no one else has done.

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  • Hello dear hemp team,

    I've been looking for products for years to sleep better or something against my depression due to my underactive thyroid.
    Similarly, I have an irritable bowel and constantly digestive problems.
    The hemp oil might help me get some of it under control.

    Lg Gloria

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  • Hemp in general has helped me a lot. I've had clinical depression since the age of 12, had social phobia for a long time, and had a generalized anxiety disorder about 3 years ago. This affects my everyday life very much, and has already ruined a lot. I meditate, do yoga and exercise almost daily, and got medication from the doctor for a long time, but never had the feeling of being taken seriously by doctors, or had to beg for years to get help at all.
    Then I spent a long time working on everything related to hemp and its effects and was immediately enthusiastic! I immediately ordered several kinds of tea and they taste great AND help me to calm down! (eg after having a panic attack, feeling extremely stressed or just falling asleep) Since then, I drink at least one large cup of CBD hemp tea every day and mix it with eg a loose peach tea. I noticed a general improvement after about a week and I do not want to give it up anymore. I'm calmer and shiver less often and think I can think a little bit more clearly. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity to try the hemp oil, because I can not afford it, but I hope that my story will be read anyway and I may also have a chance to win! I would be very happy if I win, I only heard good things about CBD hemp oil!

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  • The hemp oil with CBD of hemp health helped me overcome a long-lasting infection. After two antibiotic treatments failed and a third was scheduled, I decided to supplement my body with CBD in addition to antibiotic treatment. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are well known, including the positive effect on the body in general.
    Of course, I can not prove that the CBD oil made all the difference in my recovery, but it was my feeling!
    It also helped support the negative effect of anti-biotics treatment. My digestion was not so severely attacked and the general discomfort was diminished.
    I have taken the oil in a classic way. A few drops on a teaspoon of sugar.
    That's how I got medicine as a child.
    And it tastes very delicious !!

    Thanks for the great products of Hanf
    Become a regular customer.

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Category: 15
  • CBD hemp tea

    CBD hemp tea

    CBD hemp tea - The salary in our CBD hemp tea is between 1,6 and 1,7% CBD. As is known, cannabinoids are soluble in fat. So that as much as possible can be used, we have collected some tips for you. CBD hemp tea has never been so effective!

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  • Weiterlesen ...

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