CBD hemp oil 5%
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CBD hemp oil - the healing extract of CBD from hemp.
New combination of CO2 and alcohol extraction - even more effective.
In BIO hemp seed oil dissolved
CBD Extract (5% CBD, THC
Store in a cool and dark area
Shelf life 1 year
10 ml
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CBD hemp oil with 5%, 10ml - dietary supplement

CBD hemp oil is an extract of legal hemp varieties. The extract contains one Cocktail of medicines - Cannabinoids, especially CBD (cannabidiol). THC is low in homeopathic amount - up to 0,2%.

Taste and aroma of CBD hemp oil can easily at individual production batches differ, The reason for this is that we only work on purely natural material, which does not always have the same properties.

pdfCBD oil safety certificate

CBD hemp oil as it works in the body

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the cannabinoids contained in hemp. CBD works mainly on CB1 receptors (those in the brain) to protect them from activation. Hemp oil with CBD harmonizes the natural processes in the body and thus supports its defenses. It has a positive effect on heart activity, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, normal skin status and muscle and joint function. The truth is that oil is beneficial for a whole range of ailments, but we can not mention it here. You do not have to try it and add your own experiences.

Composition of hemp oil with CBD

Ingredients in CBD hemp oil 5%: Hemp Seed Oil, CBD - Cannabidiol Extract
Content: 10ml (~ 250 drops)
CBD hemp oil 5% - Weight: 9,7g (CBD content 970mg + 5%)
5% - the weight percent of CBD, based on the total weight of CBD hemp oil

CBD hemp oil dosage and application

CBD oil droplets are absorbed through the mucous membranes (mouth) or through eating and drinking. As a preventive measure, it is sufficient to take 3-5 drops a day for the support of one 10-20 drops treatment per day. Children proportionately depending on weight. There are no known contraindications.
No substitute for a varied diet, keep out of the reach of children, store in a dark, dry place

CBD hemp oil production

Hemp oil with CBD is produced by combining the two most suitable extraction methods - Alcohol and CO2 - manufactured. We use the alcohol method for its ability to extract from the plant all types of cannabinoids and other beneficial substances such as amino acids, flavonoids and others. Also because of its purity and the most natural way to obtain herbaceous substances. Distillation is a method known from antiquity, known and suitable for the body.
Extraction with CO2 then adds other substancesat the high Temperature of the alcohol method get lost - Cannabinoic acid (CBDa ..), fatty acids and also natural wax.
The resulting extract obtained by combining these two methods is then mixed with hemp seed oil to produce hemp oil enriched with CBD and other beneficial substances.
Made from Czech and Austrian organic hemp.

Appearance and taste

Characteristic is the typical hemp taste, which is not too bitter. Color light green. The oil is slightly cloudy and has an ideal oil consistency.

CBD hemp oil - information for consumers

Articles about oil and CBD can be found on: or
If you have more questions, you can contact us at Contact.
The team of

shelf life Durable until: see package
Ingredients + allergens Ingredients: Hemp seed oil, CBD cannabidiol (5%) and all other cannabinoids in trace amounts. Weight: 9,5g (CBD content 420mg + 5%)

Seller: Zelená Země sro, Jug. partyzánů 34, Praha 6, CZ Contact:

Country of origin CZ

CBD hemp oil 2%, 5%, 10% - dietary supplement

According to the SZPI decision - State Health and Food Control - CBD Hemp Oil, sold by Zelena Země sro, was registered under the provisions of § 3d (1) b) Act No. 180 / 2016 Coll. On Food and Tobacco Products and the Amendment and supplementation of certain related laws as amended by MZE - Ministry of Agriculture as a dietary supplement, which is governed by Regulation No 58 / 2018 Coll. - "Regulation or dietary supplement and composition of food" has been regulated. The content of THC - tetrahydrocannabinol and the oil dosage shall be forwarded to EFSA - the European Food Safety Authority 2015 - and in particular to the Acute Reference Dose (ARfD) in order to comply with the limit values ​​recommended by the EU. European Food Safety Authority (European Food Safety Authority - EFSA) is the authority of the European Union, which is responsible for the assessment of risks in the areas of food and feed safety, nutrition, animal health and welfare, plant protection and plant health. EFSA based on documentation on THC content in food in Europe according to EIHA - European Industrial Hemp Association see document: Scientifically Sound Guidelines for THC at Food in Europe nova institutes July 2015 From the administration, measures and decisions of the SZPI, followed by EFSA 2015, CBD hemp oil from Zelená Země sr is a declared dietary supplement that meets all EU legal obligations. The products are made from different varieties of technical hemp and regularly checked for cannabinoids by independent, certified laboratories.

The THC content is below the detection limit of less than 0,05%.

Zelená Země sro, Wuchterlova 523 / 5, 160 00 Praha 6 | | IČ: 24728993 DIČ: CZ24728993

Category: 15
Category: 15
  • The hemp oil and the hemp tea help me to get my years of migraines under control what no one else has done.

    User Icon Review
  • Hello dear hemp team,

    I've been looking for products for years to sleep better or something against my depression due to my underactive thyroid.
    Similarly, I have an irritable bowel and constantly digestive problems.
    The hemp oil might help me get some of it under control.

    Lg Gloria

    User Icon Review
  • Hello hemp health team, my friend's severely disabled brother helps the CBD drops of hemp to get less epileptic seizures. The parents have already tried everything else before, but unfortunately it has only gotten worse with traditional medicine ... The drops have no negative side effects and I continue to use the practical empty bottles when they are empty. Perfect to store and dose DMSO. Thank you for promoting your angagement hemp products, I find it is one of the most vilified and underestimated plant in the world, unfortunately. Best regards, Julius Pickel

    User Icon Review
  • I have lymph gland cancer and severe joint pain..If ​​you take hemp oil regularly, it relieves my pain ...

    User Icon Review
  • The hemp oil with CBD of hemp health helped me overcome a long-lasting infection. After two antibiotic treatments failed and a third was scheduled, I decided to supplement my body with CBD in addition to antibiotic treatment. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD are well known, including the positive effect on the body in general.
    Of course, I can not prove that the CBD oil made all the difference in my recovery, but it was my feeling!
    It also helped support the negative effect of anti-biotics treatment. My digestion was not so severely attacked and the general discomfort was diminished.
    I have taken the oil in a classic way. A few drops on a teaspoon of sugar.
    That's how I got medicine as a child.
    And it tastes very delicious !!

    Thanks for the great products of Hanf
    Become a regular customer.

    User Icon Review
  • In June 2017 became a space challenger with my husband Tumor (Kidney, ureter, aorta) found in the abdomen, which is inoperable. From the suggestion of irradiation with the prospect of growth possibly! For the time being, we have refrained from stopping because, unlike the chances of success, the side effects are immensely high.

    Internet searches have us on the effectiveness of Hemp (CBO) made aware. We hope for better sleep and possibly even a growth stop. Have today only our 1. Get an order. We can not yet report effects. Meanwhile we drove from Hamburg to the Charite Berlin (2, opinion). This professor gives us hope again ..... the sample is requested and examined again.

    User Icon Review
  • For about 18 months I know that I suffer from glaucoma / glaucoma (increased eye pressure). As an alternative to the doctor prescribed eye drops to do something, I read in a book by Wernard Bruining "" Hemp cures "" that the CBD oil can lower its eye pressure in addition to its other healing properties. For about six months I have been using 5% CBD oil (5 Tr twice a day).
    There was no significant improvement in the summer. The measurements showed only a slight decrease in eye pressure. In early October, however, my eye pressure had dropped to 10 and 12.
    My doctor was enthusiastic and asked me about my "miracle cure", perhaps to help other patients as well.
    I will continue to consume the oil because I am absolutely fine.
    With kind regards
    Uta Störmer

    User Icon Review
Category: 15
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