Hemp tea selection quality

Hemp? Yes of course! But how do you recognize a good quality of hemp tea? The market offers several varieties of hemp tea and at the same time many flavors. So, how should you choose the right hemp tea for your own use? Here is a simple and quick overview in 6 points ...

1. country of origin

Surely we should be interested in where hemp comes from. Every continent, every country perceives the quality a little differently. If you are from Europe, it is of course best if the hemp tea was grown in Europe. In Europe, hemp is cultivated and cultivated in such quantities, but the quality can still be preserved.

Hemp teas from our offer were cultivated in the Czech regions Litoměřice and Vysočina.

2. Quality of the cultivation of hemp tea

For cannabis growth, the cleanliness of the soil is extremely important. Cannabis has the amazing ability to absorb all contaminants in the soil and thereby decontaminate the soil. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose the tea in organic quality or with origin-guaranteed origin, where attention was paid to the quality and contamination of the soil during cultivation.

Hemp health's hemp health was only grown on carefully selected sites.

3. The color of hemp tea

The color of the hemp tea can be from light green to dark brown. One thing is the visual aspect and the other is the effect. Tea that was harvested earlier (July-August) is greener than the one that was harvested later (September to November). Tea later harvested naturally dries and matures in the field, so it has higher levels of CBD and other cannabinoids.

Another role is played by the drying process. Drying rate and drying temperature also has a marked influence on the color, taste and smell of the herb.

It is best a gradual drying at low temperatures.


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4. Taste of hemp tea

  • The tea taste is usually slightly bitter and typically hanfig. The strength of the taste depends on the brewing time. We can also feel the taste of hemp oil when we make the tea from crushed cabbage containing hempseed.

5. Effect of hemp tea - bars vs. shot

Many believe that the prettier sticks of hempweed, the better / more efficient the tea. But that's not correct. Rods of hemp herb mainly fulfill a visual role :-). Sometimes, on the contrary, the finer fraction of hemp tea can be of higher quality, as far as the effect is concerned.

With crushed tea, you can notice that it actually contains powdered crystals of cannabinoids out of the rod-coated resin. We simply can not judge the effectiveness of the tea depending on the appearance.

6. Types of hemp tea

  • Cannabis tea - Bars
    - Hand-picked tea that is harvested when the cannabis flowers are green. The tea has a fresh, grassy taste and is mild. It is a basic cannabis tea with which you can not spoil anything. And what is he suitable for? For headaches, stress, sugar reduction and harmonization of circulatory functions ...
  • Cannabis tea - battered bars
    - Hand-puffed tea, these are naturally broken bars from which resin and powder were precipitated with crystals of cannabinoids. The tea has a stronger flavor and taste. It is therefore a great enemy of all pain.
  • CBD hemp tea
    - Machine-picked tea with no visible bars picked when the cannabis plant is ripe. The content of cannabinoids increases as the plant matures. The color is brown and the taste strong and strong, more earthy. Suitable for total relaxation of the body and mind and very good for a peaceful sleep. Harmonization of the immune function of the body.
  • CBD hemp tea - teabags
    - in bags, ideal for traveling or for those who do not want to go through the tea.
  • Hemp tea with mint
    - ideal for a good digestion and breathing.
  • Hemp tea with fruits
    - Great for kids and those who do not like pure herbs.
  • Hemp tea with goji
    - great addition in the fight against colds.
  • Hemp tea with marshmallow
    - Suitable for dieting and proper functioning of the lymph.

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