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Hemp (cannabis) is one of the oldest crops in the world and has many uses. The most common are the varieties Cannabis Indica, Cannabis sativa and Cannabis ruderalis. The beneficial effects of cannabis are also used around ointments damit manufacture.




However, have not all ointments have the same effect, Decisive are the so-called cannabinoids, which are responsible for the healing effect. In addition to tetrahydrocannabinol-THC, cannabis contains other powerful substances, such as CBD (cannabidiol), which is found in large quantities in cannabis sativa.

Effect of hemp salves

CBD (cannabidiol) is the main active ingredient of legally manufactured drugs from cannabis. It works excellently at skin diseases, relieves pain and alleviates the symptoms of numerous diseases. Hemp ointments have no psychoactive effect.

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hemp albums are applied at:

  • Skin diseases (fungal diseases, rashes, abrasions, acne, eczema, etc.)
  • inflammation
  • Prellungen
  • wounds
  • hemorrhoids
  • Posttraumatic and postoperative suffering
  • and much more


Hemp Health Menthocann De Mockup 240x240

Menthocann - cooling hemp gel

Cooling hemp gel of hemp health

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Sales price: 8,99€
Hemp ointment with marigold 240x240

Hemp ointment with marigold, 12ml

Hemp ointment with marigold extract is ideal for the skin. 100% natural - without petroleum ingredients and palm oil. ...

Sales price: 3,90€
Zz Cbd Gel Chladivy De Mockup 240x240

CBD cooling gel

CBD Cooling Gel with Menthol - Contains 50 mg CBD.

Sales price: 26,50€

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Hemp salve - also for me?

Hemp salves contain, in varying proportions, traditionally cold-pressed cannabis oil from high-quality hemp seeds, various natural ingredients and essential oils. , Thanks to their consistency, they are easy to distribute and absorb easily. The added natural ingredients help alleviate pain in joints and tendons, relieve muscle tension, moisturise the skin, prevent swelling, and renew and strengthen vessels. Our hemp salves are prepared according to our house recipe.


In our assortment we have 2 hemp creams:

each in 12 ml or 100 ml packaging.


Do you want to make the ointment yourself at home?

Here you will find the instructions and the recipe
of hemp health. Have lots of fun with it. https://www.hanf-gesundheit.de/diy/252-hanfsalbe-selber-herstellen


CBD oil, hemp tea and other CBD products for a healthier life

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Ogkush De 240x240

CBD E-liquid 0,5%, OG KUSH, 10ml

E-liquid with CBD - suitable for e-cigarettes and vaporizers. Taste - OG Kush. 10 ml 50 mg CBD

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Sales price: 11,99€
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Hanftee Premium 240x240

Hanftee Premium, 30 g

Premium hemp tea in organic quality - the best hemp tea from our range. Only hemp leaves.

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Sales price: 7,99€
Cbd Hanfol 10 240x240

CBD hemp oil 10%

CBD hemp oil - the healing extract of CBD from hemp. New combination of CO2 and alcohol extraction - ...

Sales price: 69,90€
Cbd Hanfol crystal 5 240x240

Hemp oil with CBD crystal 5%

Hemp seed oil enriched with pure, crystalline CBD. No psychoactive effect, THC 0%. In BIO ...

Sales price: 42,90€
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Cbd Hanfol 5 240x240

CBD hemp oil 5%

CBD hemp oil - the healing extract of CBD from hemp. New combination of CO2 and alcohol extraction - ...

Price before discount39,90€
Sales price: 37,90€
Cbg 240x240

CBG hemp tea, 1,8% CBG, 30 g

CBG hemp tea in organic quality is a blend of hemp leaves and flowers with an extra high percentage of CBG - ...

Sales price: 7,99€