Hemp Better as a doctor

Can CBD help you as well? Read in the experience to our customers how it helped them.


CBD hemp oil and Arthritis / polyarthritis

I danced standard and Latin dances since my youth until I became rheumatoid out of the blue Arthritis / polyarthritis before d. Got a nose set. That was it then with my beloved dancing. Due to the cortisone and d. I have gained quite a lot of weight from other immunosuppressants and would love to get to know an alternative to cortisone so that I hope to be able to drop it soon and lose some weight again.

Regards Silke L.


CBD and treatment of MS

I have MS and the CBD oil helps me to get over MS relapses faster or that they do not even spread properly. If I take these drops, I feel better all around.

Barbara K.


CBD as a support in cancer

It does not help me, it's my mother who uses it. She is on herself Cancer falls ill and takes the oil for a year every day, but with 10%, but we all agree that it helps their body, their well-being as well as their metastases not grow !!!! I am glad that my colleague brought me to it !!!

Nadine S.


I have Lymph node cancerAnd since I take the hemp oil I feel much better and my liver values ​​have become great and I am fit can work again and have become more vital thanks to the hemp oil.
I can only recommend.

Best regards Gabriela G.


Cbd Hanfol crystal 5 240x240

Hemp oil with CBD crystal 5%

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Cbd Hanfol crystal 10 240x240

Hemp oil with CBD crystal 10%

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Cbd Hanfol 2 crystal 240x240

Hemp oil with CBD crystal 2%

Hemp seed oil enriched with pure, crystalline CBD. No psychoactive effect, THC 0%. In BIO ...

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CBD hemp oil against sleep problems

Often, but not always, I wake up at night and can not sleep. My nervous legs (RLS) keep me awake. Then I go to the fridge and take 3-5 Tropics hemp oil under the tongue and lie down to sleep again. Sleep is not immediate, but guaranteed. So I sleep well until the alarm rings, and feel recovered.

Alexandra B.


I am suffering migraine and tinnitus and sleep disordersAnd thanks to the tea and oil my complaints are reduced to a minimum so almost gone ...

Jana S.


CBD helps me with mine mental complaints and mine falling asleep, If I have a panic attack or feel very stressed, tense and nervous, a few drops of CBD will reassure me and make me think clearly. CBD enabled me to reduce my medication.

Rebacca B.


CBD hemp oil and epilepsy

I give the hemp oil to my son. This is now 15 and has an untreatable since 1,5 years Epilepsy, He often had an attack 1x during the week. We have been giving the CBD oil since about May. 3 drops early and 3x in the evening. In the summer, he had only about 1x a seizure a month. Then he stopped because he was often tired of it and promptly the seizures came back more often. We will give the drops again. And no ... they do not taste. But what is this compared to seizures that are extremely dangerous? He has focale frontal epilepsy with clonic seizures and loss of consciousness and fall. He already has 5 different medications - none helps! I am convinced that if it were possible that he could take more, which is not possible because of the school, then the results would be even better.
In any case, it has done something and improved and that alone gives hope, because the drugs probably cause nothing!

Ute W.

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CBG hemp oil 2%

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CBD hemp tea

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