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Nausea and vomiting are protective and defense mechanisms in the body. Short-term episodes can be therapeutic, but also miserable. But if the nausea is not short-term?





What is Nausea?

Nausea and vomiting are protective and defense mechanisms in the body. Short-term episodes canbe therapeutic, but also miserable.But if the nausea is not short-term? What if there is an unavoidable or chronic side effect, with no improvement in sight?

If there is no clear trigger for the nausea, patients should consult with your doctor to determine the underlying problem.

This is especially true if the nausea does not trigger within a day or two, as this could be a sign of more serious problems.


  • Nausea and vomiting are protective and defense mechanisms in the body. Short-term episodes can be therapeutic, but also miserable.

  • Hemp can sometimes cure nausea more effectively than prescription drugs.

  • THC reduces vomiting by binding to cannabinoid CB1 receptors.

  • CBD reduces nausea by interacting with the serotonin receptors. Preclinical studies show that CBDA, the unheated version of CBD, is a stronger antiemetic than CBD.

Possible causes of nausea:

  • migraine
  • head injuries
  • seizures
  • Ear disorders, including infections
  • travel sickness
  • Gastrointestinal disease
  • appendicitis
  • Hepatitis
  • pancreatitis
  • Bacterial or viral infections
  • Drug chemotherapy and others
  • Toxins-arsenic, pesticides, ricin
  • pregnancy
  • Heart attack
  • Pain
  • Psychiatric or emotional disorders

How does nausea work?

What happens in the body when we are sick? The brain, the GI system and the nervous system contribute a great deal to this. We know much more about the physiology of vomiting than about nausea, so we have better available therapies for his relief. One of the key elements of symptom control seems to be the receptors in parts of the brain and in the GI tract where serotonin and neurotransmitters are produced.

Zofran, a well known antiemetic (anti-vomiting), works by blocking the disgusting effects of serotonin release.

Cannabinoids for nausea

The non-intoxicating Cannabinoid CBD interacts with serotonin-releasing receptors. Taking relatively small doses, as it turns out, helps eliminate both nausea and vomiting.?

CBD can also help in relieving anxiety be effective, which can help patients cope with the fear of chronic nausea.

THC works well as well Anti-nausea cannabinoid for a lot. When THC binds to the CB1 receptors in certain parts of the brain, it works against vomiting.

The potentially elevating side effects of THC in this case can also be therapeutic if they are not too intense.

Creating a more positive state of mind is helpful for anyone undergoing chemotherapy, or for anyone suffering from untreatable chronic nausea.

CBDA, the acidic, crude form of CBD, is even more active at the serotonin receptors, and preclinical (animal) studies show that CBDA a strong antiemetic is stronger than either CBD or THC.

CBDA is the form of CBD it is in the growing CBD-rich plant before the plant is dried or heated.

Upon heating, CBDA becomes CBD, as does THCA decarboxylate to THC.

CBDA juice from fresh, CBD-rich plants is currently the best source for, but in the future, pharmacies may be able to offer CBDA products to patients in need.

Nausea in the context of cancer treatment

State of mind during chemotherapy may also have the "nocebo effect" - negative expectations of the treatment, which leads to an anticipatory nausea. Even the thought of the inevitable side effects can be overwhelming. This is especially true if the first chemotherapy was not effective. Prescription antiemetics do not help with anti-maladic nausea, but that does hemp.

Prof. Linda Parker, a behavioral neuroscientist at the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, found that some phytocannabinoids including THC, CBD, and CBDA treat anticipatory nausea in air-conditioned animal litter animals. There is a lack of clinical studies in humans.



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