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Coffee and hemp

A cup of coffee can be good to wake up in the morning, but this morning, coffee also affects many other aspects of physiology.

What does coffee and hemp have in common?

Now scientists from Northwestern Medicine have found out that the coffee influence chemical signals can that be with the Hemp in the connection to be brought.

You also learned that coffee can affect steroid metabolism. The results were reported in the Journal of Internal Medicine.

In This study stopped habitual coffee drinkers, to drink coffee for a month, and then spent a month drinking four cups a day and another month with eight daily cups.

What did the scientists discover?

Scientists have the mirrors certain metabolites in the blood after this Consumption of coffee examined and were surprised how many of them had changed.

The scientists found that the Molecules (endocannabinoids), sink after drinking coffeewhat a contrary effect is compared to hemp, Endocannabinoids are a diverse one Group of moleculesthat can attach to cannabinoid receptors. They are also produced naturally by our bodies. Cannabinoids are similar moleculesGive marijuana its medicinal and relaxing properties.

Cannabis Coffee 1

The endocannabinoid system, which consists of endocannabinoids, their receptors and signaling pathways, plays an important role in many biological functionsincluding the regulation of the stress response.

Some endocannabinoids participate in periods from chronic stresssaid the lead author of the report - Marilyn Cornelis, Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine.

The scientists also found out that the Coffee consumption with a decrease in blood metabolites in the endocannabinoid pathway.

"The increased coffee consumption in the two months of the study may have generated enough stress to trigger a decline in the metabolites in this system," Cornelis said. "It could be the adaptation of our body to try to rebalance the stress level."

Other functionswhich are influenced or regulated by the endocannabinoid system, include sleep, cognition, addiction, appetite, energy, glucose metabolism, blood pressure and immunity.


"The endocannabinoid pathways could affect eating habits," added Cornelis, "the classic case is the link between cannabis use and cravings."

Study showed Also, that coffee affects metabolites that interact with the Androsteroid system related, suggesting that coffee could promote the elimination of steroids.

A limitation of the study is that it is not known if caffeine or coffee is responsible for the observed effects. Previously, coffee was associated with the goal of helping people lose weight or reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

"This is often considered to be the reason that caffeine is able to increase fat metabolism or to regulate the glucose effect of polyphenols (plant chemicals)," Cornelis explained. "Our new results, which combine coffee with endocannabinoids, provide alternative explanations worthy of further study."

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