CBD Gel - sofortige Erleichterung von Muskeln und Gelenken

Schmerzen CBD L

Hanf Massage Gel mit CBD - Cannabidiol bietet Entspannung und Erfrischung bei Muskelermüdung und bei Beschwerden des Bewegungsapparates. Hanfgel mit einer funktionellen Wirkstoffkombination eignet sich für die Hautmassage im Bereich von Muskeln, Rücken und Gelenken. Es verteilt sich gut, zieht schnell ein und fettet nicht. Schon eine kleine Menge behandelt einen großen Hautbereich. Die Zusammensetzung ist rein pflanzliche Herkunft und daher auch für Veganer geeignet.

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Hemp salves and hemp gels effects

Konopne Mazani

Technical hemp is very beneficial for skin problems, relieves pain, inflammation and swelling. Concerns about narcotic effects are inappropriate because hemp salves and hemp gels are not psychoactive.

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CBG Cannabigerol - announce yourself!


Most hemp consumers know CBD, but what about CBG? Many do not even know that such a substance actually exists in hemp. And no wonder, CBG seems to be in the background of known CBD and THC cannabinoids. It is practically a building block for CBD, THC and other cannabinoids. What makes CBG so unique and what are its effects?

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Is CBD oil addictive?


Fear that CBD oil and CBD products could be addicted? Whether CBD is addictive or not is the most common question from the users of these products and those who just want to get started. It is true that marijuana addiction (THC) exists. But what about CBD oil? It's also from hemp, but ... in short, no. CBD oil is not addictive. Here is the explanation.

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CBD E-Liquids Vaporize - complete guide

CBD vaporization

Vaporization, in other words, the inhalation of steam is now an increasingly familiar method to To get CBD, Vaporization is not just a trend that is spreading between the younger generations. Even many smokers found one in this method Alternative and abandoned their habit - classic cigarette smoking and nicotine reception in exchange for the CBD. Ask why?

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Young hemp powder - king among the green foods

Young Hemp Powder Kneeling Among The Green Foods

We all know young barley, Chlorella, Spirulina, but few are known to young hemp. This is a novelty that is very unique. As?

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CBD oil - may I fly with my CBD oil?

Boost and speed ensure that the aircraft stays in the air

Summer is coming soon, and summer of course includes holidays. Many people fly on their vacation. Many people are planning a flight vacation, and in addition to such holidays, the CBD oil users also have a question. Can I take the oil on the plane? We have prepared an article for you that will give you some tips to enjoy your holiday without unnecessary worries.

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Hemp tea - 7 reasons to drink it

Hanftee 7 reasons to drink it

The hemp tea is one of the healthiest drinks in the world. It is full of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. People use hemp tea as a remedy to relieve many health problems, from morning sickness to stress. New modern research also shows us more exactly how hemp tea benefits our health.

Here are 7 wonderful health benefits for hemp drinkers:

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Hemp protein, why is it so popular?

Organic hemp protein

Do you know protein as a dietary supplement? As you browse the health food store and look at the variety of protein products on the shelves, you may wonder which one to choose, if any. You may also have noticed an increasing number of products containing hemp. But what is hemp proteinand is it healthy at all?

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CBD Oil - 5 Reasons to take CBD daily

Cbd Hanfol 5 Basically Why One Should Take CBD Dailyly

There is a fundamental difference between THC and CBD, and although THC gives users the best heights, CBD provides the most health benefits. Grass always contains some CBD by nature, but science makes it possible to breed marijuana varieties that contain a lot of CBD and virtually no THC. CBD can therefore be taken daily in terms of its incredible health benefits, without getting high, if you want that.

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TOP hemp food for a healthier life

Hanftee Natur Bio 240x240

Hanftee Natur BIO (Leaves and ...

healthy sleep, regeneration, pain relief, healthy digestion

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CBG hemp oil 2%

Hemp oil enriched with CBG 2% - 10 ml A unique nutritional supplement that enhances immunity ...

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Hemp oil with CBD crystal 5%

Hemp seed oil enriched with pure, crystalline CBD. No psychoactive effect, THC 0%. In BIO ...

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Cbd Hanfol 5 240x240

CBD hemp oil 5%

CBD hemp oil - the healing extract of CBD from hemp. New combination of CO2 and alcohol extraction - ...

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Cbg 5 240x240

CBG hemp oil 5%

Hemp oil enriched with CBG 5% - 10 ml A unique nutritional supplement that enhances immunity ...

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Cbg 240x240

CBG hemp tea, 1,8% CBG, 30 g

CBG hemp tea in organic quality is a blend of hemp leaves and flowers with an extra high percentage of CBG - ...

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