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Make Your own original hemp salve! We promise you, it will actually be original if you mix your own energy as the most important ingredient. The preparation itself is also a healing process: When you make a medicine yourself, it's the best and healthiest thing you can do for your body and for your family and friends.

The process is, of course, a bit longer than if you would simply buy the ointment in a drugstore, but the more effective, and under no circumstances should it be underestimated. The old quote from Confucius "The route is the goal" is a clear proof of that.

Our advice: It is very important in the preparation of the ointment to think positivelyIn the end, our thoughts also have a big impact on the effect of the hemp salve - either on us or for the person we are making this hemp salve for.

Ringel hemp salve

Good luck and here a simple guide ...

Preparation of hemp salve with CBD salary

What do you need in the production:


1kg Vaseline or fat
50 ml Organic hemp seed oil, extra virgin
2 x Pck. CBD hemp tea 40g
20g marigold flowers
2 x Chilli Pepper Scots (for a deeper in-depth effect - muscles, joints, pains)


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Pot (ideally a pot for milk)
Sieve / cloth (or towel)
Jars, bottles or jars with lids

Preparation in 10 simple points:

Hemp salve cooking

1. Vaseline / fat melt (at the Temperature up to 80 ° C)

2. crushed Add herbs (Hemp, Chilli and marigold)

3. For easier drawing, we can give the herbs in a tea bag (for sale in eg in the drugstore)

4. The mixture for Pull 2 hours and then let cool

5. The ointment base for 1 week in cold and dark place.



                Hemp salve filters                        Hemp salve


6. After maturing, we melt the ointment base again at the Temperature up to 80 ° C for 2 hours to repeat the drag.

7. Let the ointment cool down and stand for 1 month in cold and dark place

8. Melt the ointment for the last time and add the hemp seed oil (we do not heat the mixture anymore)

9. The ointment Drain through a sieve or cloth to remove the remaining herbal parts.

10. We fill the warm ointment in glasses or jars with lid

                               hemp ointment        

The ointment should be light green, with a clear hemp smell. Store the ointment in the cold and dark place.

Consumption: 3 months after production. The ointment should not contain many herbal remnants because they can irritate skin.
Why can you use this ointment? You can say, almost for everything! :-D

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